What is a reasonable cost for a plastic injection mold?

Oct. 10, 2017

As a hot stamping tools manufacturer, many people ask us about the reasonable cost for a plastic injection mold. Here I will introduce some considerations about reasonable cost.


It depends on a lot of factors. A mold can cost from several thousand to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the most important factors that affect the price of the mold are the complexity of the part that will be produced from the mold, the size and the number of cavities. In addition, we also need to consider more about some other factors such as the injection system (Hot Runner or Cold Runner), geographic location of suppliers, or some other requests...

Besides, the number of cavities that you want will also affect the cost of the mold. Multiple cavities, the mold will be larger, and need more materials, or processing will also take more time and fee.

Also,type of steel that is used to make the mold also affects the cost. So, if you want a good standard mold, high quality, it is clear that the cost will be higher, which also means that will help you get high quality products, less faulty in the manufacturing process, and the mold life will also be higher.

Using Hot Runner or Cold Runner in Injection system will also affect the price of a mold.

Another factor that we also need to pay attention to is the surface finish.

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